Rev. David Nguono

Diocesan TEE Cordinator

 TEE (Theological Education by Extension)

The T.E.E Parish Level program is parish-based and started in September 1992. It is an ongoing Bible study program, where participants are engaged in daily Bible study, weekly group discussions, Fellowship and Prayers. We view TEE as part of a systematic process of developing a strong church with strong lay-leadership. TEE is currently active in 42 Parishes with an average of 850 participants.



The Aim of T.E.E Parish Level is to work with and within the Church by: -

• Making the Good News known to both the young and the old.

• Encourage people of all ages to listen to God through daily Bible study.

• Enhance boldness and courage when handling God’s word through weekly Group discussions

• Encourage practical application of Biblical truth in everyday living.

• Grooming and molding of prospective leaders in the church

• Have T.E.E Groups running in all Parishes within Nairobi Diocese and its environs.

• Be a locally sustained program.



1. Several T.E.E Participants are actively involved in serving their churches especially in areas such as evangelism, starting new congregations, hospital visitation, home fellowship, serving in different church committees etc.

2. We have continued to organize and train T.E.E Group Leaders who have been effective in leading the groups in their local congregations. (We plough in a minimum of 50 Group Leaders annually).

3. We have commenced a counseling course in collaboration with Kenya Institute of Business and Counseling College. Several students from our Parishes are already benefitting from this collaboration. Some have graduated with Certificate and higher Diploma while a number are pursuing degree course in psychological Counseling.

4. . As part of community work, and application of Biblical principles within the T.E.E setup, we have made several visits to Jehovah Jireh Centre with a view to encourage the children. We have also supplied them with Text books and foodstuff, renovation of ablution block, erecting water tower at the Centre among other things. Our teams have also been able to visit Kamiti prisons and home for the old among many others with a view to share the Gospel of Christ to the needy.


nrb_dcse_layreadersThe Lay readers’ training in the diocese of Nairobi is a very comprehensive course aimed at preparing the Lay ministry for effective communication in preaching, skills in public relations, pastoral activity and for the impartial service delivery to all people of God. The course is tailored to equip the trainee with biblical knowledge

and methods to address the challenges of intercultural, interreligious, modernity and urbanization in the metropolitan diocese and beyond.

The training aims to encourage critical thinking and inculcate values of love to all human being for justice and peace which are fundamentals of progressive society. Gandhi says that “education which does not mould character is absolutely worthless.”. 

Lay Training department profoundly thanks the diocesan bishop for allowing this program to be part of capacity building to the lay readers. The learners have always applauded the course outline and the trainers for their thorough research and clarity in their teaching methodology. The course has become the baseline for the Lay readers to understand and appreciates the church structure, governance and important of pastoral and sacramental services. Further the department is deeply grateful to all parish priests for their continued support of the program.

“Be strong, do not lose strength of heart, for you will be paid for your work” (2Chronicles 15:7).