Teens Ministry Director

Rev. Parin Kabeu -Teens Ministry Director

This is a ministry created to cater for the transition group between Sunday School and Youth mostly for those aged between 13 and 18 years. It is meant to take over for those who get confirmed by the Bishop to continue discipling them and reaching out to them and their age-mates in schools. We refer to those who instruct Teens as Teens’ Mentors because of the coaching role they also are expected to play. The Teens Ministry was approved by the Diocesan Synod in 2016 to set structures that would see it run as an independent department with a full time, Coordinator at the Diocesan level. We are looking forward to the realization of the same.

Strengths & Achievements in Teens’ Ministry:

  • Teens Mentors Manuals Volume One and Volume two
  • Mentors trainings, workshops, summit and conferences
  • 30% of Teens Offering being submitted from the parishes to set pace for Teens Department
  • Teens’ Drama and Music Festivals and Games done annually with climax at the diocesan level.
  • Teens Camps in December holidays and from 2018 every archdeaconry holding a common camp
  • Good will from clergy and church leaders, having full time Parish Teens Workers, Teens Holy Communion Sundays, Archdeaconry Teens Clergy Coordinators
  • Continued budgetary allocation to Teens activities at parish, archdeaconry and diocesan levels



  • Few people volunteering to mentor teens in our local churches
  • Budgetary Allocation to Teens activities at local church level still remains low
  • Lack of representation in PCCs in some parishes (still considered under children ministry)
  • Lack of facilities like instruments and for sporting activities at majority of our local churches


Way Forward:

  • More trainings for Mentors
  • Mobilize every local church to start a Teens service and be represented in church committees
  • Partner with other institutions who deal with positive transformation of adolescents