The ACK Diocese of Nairobi was created in 1964 from the diocese of Mombasa. It comprised also All Saints' Cathedral until 2002 when the Provincial Synod of July 2000 passed the following resolution:-

That Nairobi Diocese be divided to create two Dioceses i.e. Nairobi Diocese and an Archdiocese, which will be under the Archbishop in consultation with the Diocese of Nairobi in accordance with min1/SPS/98, 2.4 recorded in special Synod held on 22nd and 23rd January 1998 that read:
"That the Archbishop would have as his Diocese, the All saints Cathedral Church in Nairobi and such parts of the environment thereof as may be designated by the Province in consultation with the Diocese of Nairobi."

This Provincial resolution was brought to the 25th Ordinary Session of the Nairobi Diocesan Synod held on the 7th and 8th December 2000 for debate. After that, the motion was passed to accept in principle, the sub-division of the Diocese of Nairobi in accordance with the Provincial Constitution Canon.

It is in the light of the foregoing that the Diocese of All Saints' Cathedral was created with effect from 1st September 2002 and Nairobi diocese remained as a diocese on its own.

The diocese has grown with 11 archdeaconaries and 68 parishes spread throughout the county of Nairobi.

List of all the parishes and Archdeaconries

Our Vision

"A mature caring Anglican Church boldly proclaiming Christ"

Our Mission

"To equip God's people to transform society with the Gospel"

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 Guiding Principles

The Diocesan commitment to serving people with Compassion of Jesus Christ. To this end it is important that the Diocese commit itself to being a caring and listening church.