Rev Daniel Gathungo KAYO Coordinator (NDYM) Ag

Nairobi Diocese Youth Ministry(NDYM)

The youth ministry focuses on promoting spiritual growth of the youth congregation. The Diocese will promote this ministry to ensure the existence of a strong and vibrant youth ministry.

Emphasis will be on staffing, mentor-ship, and developing partnership for holistic Youth development

We continue ministering to the young people and it’s worth noting that that the Youth Churches have adapted
the five Overview Impact Areas to strengthen the Youth Ministry.

NDYM focuses on the following:

 1. Discipleship – Youth learning who they are in Christ and daily live a Christ like life

2. Mentorship – Older and Mature people from KAMA& MU journeying with young people

3. Stewardship- Enabling Youth discover their purpose and rightly handling resources

4. Leadership- Youth influencing and transforming their generation for God.

5. Relationship- Youth exhibiting Christ like life style in relationship.

 In view of the above we have been able to come up with.


This is our Diocesan Mentorship program where we call upon the older and mature Members of our churches to intentionally journey with the youth and help them achieve their God given assignment in every aspect of their lives. This Year’s Kikao took place on 27th May 2017 at ACK St Monica Utawala bringing together 800 Youth from across the Diocese together with 60 Fathers and Mothers from both KAMA and M.U. The event started from 10:00am- 5:30 pm, where we tackled issues to do with relationships, Careers amongst others. We are also glad to report that his initiative has been taken up by the Parishes and a lot of young people are benefiting a lot.


As the youth ministry continues to grow we recognize the need to draw closer to God in prayer and stand in the gap for our Diocese, Nation, families etc. In this regard, we were able to Launch and commission about 65 NDYM Youth Intercessors on 4th June 2017 at the ACK St Joseph of Arimathea. In our Second meeting at ACK St Timothy Githurai, we had about 105 intercessors coming together. The team will be meeting every first Sunday of the Month for Prayer and teachings in different Parishes.


This being an election year, we have been challenging the young people act responsibly by registering as voters and to positively influence the other youth within their reach to behave responsibly. To desist from any kind of violence or verbal abuse during the campaigns and election, to vote for leaders whose morals and lifestyle agree with the Christian values, not to accept any kind of bribe and to rebuke such behavior, to uphold peace before, during and after elections and to shed off any ethnic stereotypes against other tribes in pursuit of a united Kenya. We have given out a small card called the KAYO Wajibika Pledge to the youth to act as a reminder of the above.


We now have these two teams in place, which have already started competing with other regions and soon we plan to start competing with other teams at the Constituency and county levels. We have also started the process of registering the team with the relevant sporting body.


For the Young people who are within the Youth age bracket, we have come up with a Young Couples Fellowship forum, which will help them in building stronger marriages through teachings and also have an opportunity to learn and interact with others. The fellowship will be meeting once in a month. This will also ensure that our Young people don’t run to other churches to look for such fellowships, where eventually they leave the Anglican Church. This shall also be a good forum to mentor the other young people who are dating. The official Launch will take place on 10th October 2017.